Why it pays to keep an eye on your portfolio

Whether you are a newcomer or a seasoned investor, one of the keys to successful investing is having an annual portfolio review. It’s essential if you want to ensure that the stocks and shares you hold are still in line with your investment objectives.

Failing to keep an eye on your investments might mean that you are exposing yourself to more risk than you would like. When your portfolio was set up, your holdings would have been selected in line with your risk profile; however, with the passage of time, their performance might signal a need for change.

Some elements of your portfolio may have fared better than others and as a result the proportions of various assets may have altered from your initial allocation. A review might show that you are holding poorly performing equities that are dragging down overall performance and it could be time to dispose of them. You might also want to sell some assets for new opportunities that increase the spread and diversity of your portfolio.

If your situation has changed, then perhaps your investment goals have also. If you have experienced major changes in your life, like getting married, having children, redundancy or divorce, then your attitude to risk may have changed. If you’re approaching retirement, you may want to change your focus from investing for long-term growth to investing for income instead.

While investing means looking at a five to ten-year horizon, and not letting short-term market volatility cause you too much concern, forgetting to review your portfolio could be foolish.