Pension withdrawals Hit 2.3 Billion!

There’s growing evidence that pensioners are treating their pension pots more like bank accounts. In the second quarter of this year, savers withdrew £2.3bn, according to data produced by HM Revenue and Customs, an increase of 35% on the first quarter.

The money withdrawn represented full or partial withdrawals, flexible drawdown or the purchase of a flexible annuity, with more younger people accessing their pensions, often before  state pension age.

How cashflow planning can help

Planning your likely cashflow can help you identify how much you can sustainably withdraw from your pension, without jeopardising your future financialsecurity and wellbeing.

Cashflow planning is a key part of establishing a retirement plan and entails taking an in-depth look at your finances. It takes into consideration income, outgoings, assets and liabilities, and helps you plan effectively both for current needs and future requirements, like care in old age. It can also help you take decisions like whether you should downsize at retirement, or how much you can afford to give to family members during your lifetime.